Название: 3D-image processing in the Compact Reverse Engineering System.


Авторы: D. Svirsky, Y. Polozkov


Библиографическое описание: Svirsky, D. 3D-image processing in the Compact Reverse Engineering System / D. Svirsky, Y. Polozkov // Annals of DAAAM for 2000, Opatija, 19-21 October 2000. /UniversityofRijeka, DAAAM Int.; Ed.: B. Katalinic. –Vienna, 2000. – P. 379–380.


Дата публикации: October 2000.


Реферат: The functional model of the irregular 3D-objects creation is considered. The structural model of compact reverse engineering system (CRES) is shown. The modules of this system are given. The opportunities of formalization and automation of complex 3D-objects creation are considered. The mathematical model of complex objects digitizing is shown. The problems of the software for 3D-objects computer models creation are considered.


Ключевые слова: compact system, reverse engineering, 3D-objects digitizing, computer 3D-model.



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