Название: Irregular Surface Digital Model Reconstruction by Computer Aided Image Processing.


Авторы: Y. Polozkov, D. Svirsky


Библиографическое описание: Polozkov, Y. Irregular Surface Digital Model Reconstruction by Computer Aided Image Processing / Y. Polozkov, D. Svirsky // Pattern Recognition and Information Processing (PRIP’2007) : proceedings of Ninth International Conference,Minsk, 22-24 May 2007. / United Institute of Informatics Problems ofNationalAcademyof Sciences ofBelarus; Ed. : A. Tuzikov [et al.]. –Minsk, 2007. – Vol.I.– P. 89–93.


Дата публикации: May 2007.


Реферат: The problem of digital models reconstruction of spatially complex (irregular) surfaces technical objects by images processing is considered. Key tasks of the surfaces geometrical description (digitizing) process and requirements to digitizing systems are shown. The complex of digital photogrammetry software with hardware for this purpose is submitted. Specially developed method of photogrammetry is realized in this complex. This method is based on the structural illumination of an object surface. The images of the lighted surface are captured by one standard digital camera only. The key steps of digitizing process and computer aided images processing are described. The suggested digital photogrammetry complex provides greatest efficiency of the irregular physical objects digitizing for the small and medium enterprises.




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